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Luciano Bove
Luciano Bove Car Designer
Luciano Bove

I was born in Nocera Inferiore Italy in 1963.  
At  the age of 19 I  moved to California to study at ArtCenter College of Design in Pasadena, and in 1989 I graduated from ACCD in Human Science in the field of Transportation Design.
Straight out of college I started work at the FIAT Design Center in Turin, Italy, where I stayed for 12 years.  One of the most important projects I worked on at Fiat was design and management for the Fiat Seicento (1995-98).
In 2000 I moved to the Renault Design Center to be Senior Design Manager at the Renault Technocentre in Guyancourt, France.  As part of this role I took charge of the Renault Design Academy India, an online talent program that generated four internships at the Renault Design Studio in Chennai, India (2017-2018).
Starting October 2019 I was General Design Manager at Jinbei/Renault in Shenyang, China, and then in 2021 I joined Renault´s light commercial vehicle Design Studio as Senior Design Project Manager at Technocentre Renault in Guyancourt, France working on LCV Renault brand projects & Hyvia Hydrogen Technology vehicles Design.

Luciano Bove

Main projects

Hyvia Hydrogen Design LCV Concept vehicles 2021/22
Hippie Caviar Hotel Concept Car for Dusserdolf LCV Show Sept 21: Design Management 2021
Haise King Jinbei LCV production full Restyling Chinese Market: Design Manager from 2018 to 2021
EZ FLEX Concept prototype 2019: Design manager for the first 2 years ( 2016 - end of 2017)
Head of Program at Renault Design Academy India Internship Challenge (Chennai, India - 2017/18)
Renault NEXT-TWO Self-driving autonomous car - R&D Concept & prototype (2013)
TWIZY EV Car (2007/2009)
Renault Twizy EV city vehicle R&D concept & running prototype - production (2008)
Renault Kangoo II full range - production (2004)
Renault Kangoo Break-Up concept car - Paris Auto Show (2002)
Dacia Solenza - production (Romanian market 2002)
Irisbus CIVIS - production (2001)
Fiat Stilo concept management - production (1997)
Fiat Sicento full range - production (1995)
Fiat Seicento Sporting & Abarth - production (1996)
Fiat Nuova Cinquecento Sporting - production (1994)
Fiat 126 restyling - production (Polish market 1993)


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Luciano Bove
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