To become a designer..but how?

Here some advices to become a designer.

Because of this topic’s complexity I’ll treat the subject in several times.
Today I’ll write about Talent & Entry Portfolio
First of all I would like to talk to you a little about having a talent and learning how to understand it.
Are you 12/16 years of age and draw a lot on your notepads? Are you attracted by beauty? Are you a young artist? Do you paint? Do you like comics? Do you like to build models of about anything?
I know our parents at this age prefer us study on books rather than painting or sketching and in a way they are right because “culture” is very important for our future no matter in which field we are in.
However; at the same time at this age parents (or yourselves) should also encourage the practice of your artistic abilities because in some cases this will turn your life around opening to you the doors to the Designer’s world.

(Image from Cardesignnews.com Portfolio section, author Marcsk)

Talent is very important, it is the key factor to succes. In order to get a fair professional jugment on your talent level I suggest you to get an interview with a professor of an Art & Design College near you or (if you want to do it really correctly) go to a national well known Design school for a meeting and show your “entry portfolio”. Be evaluated and if the comments on your sketches and art works are positive start seriously thinking if this could be your main course to follow..
I give you an example: when I was 15 I used to do oil painting and at the same time I was strongly attracted by cars and trying to sketch them on my notepads and sometime on big cardboard doing them in colors. Growing up I kept on practicing untill the day I decided with my parents support to study car design in a specialized Design school.
Entry Portfolio
In your entry portfolio you have to put everything you have done such as: sketches with pencils or ball point pens, markers illustrations, acrilycs and oil painting (if you do),etc. etc.
Please do not be worried about the quality of your work because that is not the point. Here it is exremely important to evaluate you as potential student of a Design school and the maturity you can have (your drawings ability but also your head..) to be ready for some sacrificies you will have to make.
So just try to well organize your entry portfolio. Ex: what are the subjects? how many drawings for each one? My suggestion is that for the pourpose of this type of portfolio you need 10/12 samples for each topic for a total of 40/50 samples to show B&W and colors ones. Last tip: during your interview do not be shy, do you have questions to ask do it! remember that you have to go home knowing the most you can in order to make a well thought decision for your future with your parents.
Next time I’ll write about the role of Design schools and the opportunities they can offer.

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