To become a designer…the Internship and its mission

Today I’ll tell you the reason behind the necessity to apply for and gain an Internship before graduating from school.

To have this chance you must have a top quality in your school portfolio, in other words if you are not at a certain level chances are you will never be choosen and the reason is very simple: competition is very strong and places available are few…so you must work hard to reach a fair good quality level to put together a convincing school portfolio to apply for an Internship.

The mission of an Internship is a “sharing & mutual” experience between the company and yourself . They offer you a part of their time and knowhow and you ,learning what it means to really work, offer them your creativity and ability to participate beeing there to help and give and not just to get.You will have a role in the studio and it will be up to you and your behaviour to succed.

In the photo Via www.udel.edu : An internship at a tony New York Graphic Design firm led Sarah Rosenthal to design the cover of the spring “New York Times” real estate magazine.

In general Design companies approach Design schools in different ways like: sponsored projects, lectures, seminars, company’s presentations (I have done few of those)…sometimes they ask to spend a day in school looking over students projects or mini-portfolios before offering an internship position.
Now, knowing this you have to be carefull about your conduct in school and I mean really carefull because you cannot decide to invest all your efforts on a project and be less devoted to others…when you will need to put together rapidly a mini-portfolio for companies’ review you will need projects and not just a couple!
Conclusion is: if you want to make the right steps to get one day into the Design business be costantly a good student during your 4/5 years of school.This way you will build up quality works to make a strong portfolio.

During your Internship (yes, lets assume you have got it!) you will have access to many different company’s information. First suggestion: do not forget that (usually) everything you do and see in there is very confidential and top secret, so respect the rules. When you are out at the end of the day, do not talk about it with your friends & family because the risk is you will be out forever.

The Internship period is a great way to understand how we do things, their industrial processus, timing, methodology, company politic, Design philosophy. It is a great amount of information you can get to help yourself to be a better student (when back to school) and a future designer.
You will understand what it means to give priorities, take decisions, not to hesitate (like students do always!), respect timing, and action action action!

At the end of this experience you will present your final work (or works) to them and this will be the time you will confirm to them the positive or negative impressions they have about you. So play it well, organize it, strong message and few words, good professional boards and models (if any), and keep yourself humble!
The rest will come by itself, good luck!

Next time I’ll write to you a bit about the end of your school time and job interviews

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    September 26, 2007 at 2:24 pm

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