To become a designer…which school?

After you have got your positive feed back from your interview you go home thinking of which Design school to choose to start your career as a Design student.
Now you do not want to go just to the first Art College you encounter on your road, this is an extremely important and delicate choice to make.
By choosing the right school you will probably have better chances to become a brilliant designer with a job to start, so my first suggestion is..take your time, get all the information you can, check out all websites, look after their programs and costs, and check if they offer internships.
First question you should ask yourself is: what is my ambition for my future? What kind of player I want to become in the Designer world? High level? Great! Which are the Design schools that could offer me the best didactic program to make my dream come true?
Now, please, ask yourself how much YOU are ready to sacrifice your private life to be seriously engaged in such difficult task, too!
At my time, when I started to attend Art Center College in Pasadena, I understood right away that I was NOT in a classical school (like I used to be before..). At the same time I accepted to put aside my private life’s pleasures (go out, swim, sports…..) to be consacrated to the school’s activities like drawing, making models, studying, presentations, a lot of homeworks (milage to improuve!!)
Are you ready for this?
Here a short list of some of the best Design schools you can find (web adresses on the left of my blog front page..or just Google.com):

Art Center College of Design Pasadena CA, USA

CCS- College for Creative Studies Detroit MI, USA

Royal College of Art London, GB

Coventry school Coventry, GB

Istituto Europeo di Design Turin-Milan, Italy or Barcelona, Spain

Istituto d’Arte Applicata & Design Turin, Italy

Hochschule Pforzheim Pforzheim, Germany

Strate College Design Paris, France

Tokyo Communication of Arts Tokyo, Japan

Universitatea de Arta si Design Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Now there are many others to add to this list , please search on internet or on reviews that tell about Design schools.

The role of a Design school
When I used to teach “Design” or when I travel giving some lectures to design students I always say that the school is like an “amplifier of your creativity”.
When we start attending a school we learn and discover all tools and skills to exercise and show our creativity, it comes from the inside, it is our passionate creative drive that costantly uses our new skills and abilities to show off.
The feedbacks we get on our art works help us to get better and, most of all, to become very demanding on ourselves. Quality is better than Quantity!
A good Design school with a competent board of teachers can help us a lot to reach the right balance between creativity and expression, quality and professionalism.
To me this is the school’s role: help you to get it out professionally and with a good maturity. Then next step is to help you to get in contact with the real working world! However; do not forget that if your first new portfolio is not too good you will have real hard time to be accepted to experience your first internship program.
The best schools that can help us are those that last for at least 4/5 years program and/or have a Master in Design course, too (facultatif).

Next time I’ll talk about: Internship and its mission.
Illustration via: www.istockphoto.com

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