CSI Miami an appealing Design example

Have you watched this short introduction video? Did you like it? Do you feel like you can’t resist by watching the film? Well I believe that all this is provoked by the well orchestrated scenarios, by their graphics, prospectives, shootings, dramatic photography and digital retouch, active-motion camera work, the new artistic video graphics effects and a great tasty creativity.
CSI Miami with those spectacular views and vibrant colors add a great amount of energy and passion to the film,there is a sense of dramatic action that involves us more than what we think. The great use of “graphic contrast” (always dark against strong light..) amplifies the real effect of scenes to the point we feel like we would like to enter to partecipate…to live it , to touch the intense bleu sea or the extreme green sourranding nature, or the colorfull architecture…the digital art work realized with the help of powerfull Computer Graphic Programs makes the rest.
All those Design motion techniques are well balanced to create strong “emotions” to involve us and they are very successfull at it.

CSI Miami I love it and everytime I watch it (here in France on Friday night) I observe and study the Design concept. Today I felt like sharing with you my impressions as designer, and what do you think about it? make a comment thanks..

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  • Mark
    October 15, 2007 at 8:59 pm

    ciao, mi piacerebbe fare uno scambio link,questo è il mio:

    fammi sapere

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