David Lynch: The Air is on Fire Exhibit, Milan

At the “Triennale of Milan, Italy” there is an exhibition of David Lynch’s art works named “The Air is on Fire” untill the 13th of January 08.The movie director (here in one of his self portrait) presents a big part of his works put together to reproduce an environment made of a home lived by ghosts.This art expression started a long time before he became a movie director, he used to sketch on about anything he came across with.
He also made sketches on post-it like this one on the photo called “Intitled”. He would sit in a bar, order a coffee or milk shake and start sketching expressing a particular “mood” for science fiction with a tendence on horror stories.Personally I like his works, the things I like the most are: the high contrast always present and the strong graphic effect that gives a “dramatic” feeling” to his art works.Photo and info Via: www.corriere.it

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