Energy Bucket bringing the “light”

Stefano Merlo designed the “Energy Bucket” to create a mutual service between the action of doing something (like getting water) and having back “energy” the light!
In a few words I use during the day my bucket, that thanks to a solar cell it recharges itself, and at night time I get light for free!
“I do something to get something”, an honest exchange between human beings and Nature.
The Energy Bucket participated to the contest: Designboom “Bright Led”.

Now anyone can think that it is good or bad, I believe that this Energy Bucket is an answear to act for a cleaner planet (yes the ecological issue!), at the same time it is “trendy”, too. I see it more as an intelligent gadget to have, and you? Would you like to have one?

Via: www.youngdesigner.it more info at: www.stefanomerlo.com

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