Getting a job: English TOEIC Test

The TOEIC English Test is very important to get a job today. It is strongly recommended for anyone planning to apply for a Design job if not American or English.

With this Test you get a certificate recognized internationally that demonstrates your ability in speaking the English language with a correct terminology to work.

In general, this test is recommended to all design students coming out of school or those designers that are planning to move from their origin country to go to work in a foreign one. For example I had to pass one some years ago…

You must know that it is not so simple because , depending where you would like to go, there are different levels of scores you can get and each one of them gives you the opportunity to access to a given company level.

Example: to be a Design Manager the minimum score required is (usually) 750 points, but for job positions less relevant also a score of 600/650 can be accepted.

In some car-companies it is a “must” to have a score of 750 points to be hired as designer, for this reason some Design schools (like IAAD in Turin, Italy) got the authorization to include this TOEIC Test in their scholastic program to ensure to students to get their Diploma with the Toeic certificate too.

So, please, do not forget about your Test. It gives you a better chance to find a Design job!
More info at: http://www.it.toeic.eu/ in Italian language, but you can change the country and language, too.

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  • Joel
    October 26, 2007 at 9:37 pm

    Getting a job is tough! Wishing you good luck(if you are in a job hunt!)

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