The Car Design Portfolio…where to start?

In order to get a job we need a high quality Portfolio with which presents our skills, talent and professional capabilities. Today more than yesterday a book is extremely necessary.

A Portfolio has to “tell a story”, in other words it is a reflection of ourselves working for us, supporting us, showing what we are capable to do and how. It takes the scene capturing the attention and does not want to deceive anybody; the portfolio must be honest because its message has to be understood without any sort of problem. It does not have to lie! 
Experienced people would notice a liar portfolio very quickly and this would naturally be the worst thing that could happen to us. A good Portfolio has to be a mutual opportunity it has to work both sides.

Now I would like to tell you one thing that comes to my mind every time I check a Portfolio and it is….”I hope I am not wasting my time….or….always the same stuff!”
Every time I see a portfolio cover, I feel excited to discover what is in there…now the secret is to make sure that from first page to the last one I (or anyone else) can keep high the excitement given by watching such great stuff!

How to get all this really happen? Here few suggestions for you:

Discipline (a sloppy book shows that you might be sloppy, too)
Severe art work selection. Please do not put mediocre works. In general, we remember somebody always by his/her worst work! Do not forget it! So Quality better than Quantity, always.
-Think about your image corporate identity (portfolio+CV+Business card all same graphic image)
-Choose the best format according to your discipline (think about a format to send your portfolio via mail or by CD etc. etc.)
-Make sure your portfolio can be viewed by different people … so no binders or stuff like that. If you meet three persons at the same time for sure they will try to take a page and watch it while listening to you presenting yourself.
-Put the all thing together using your creativity without exaggerating; do not forget you are selling Design.
– Last but not the least is the order of your projects. This aspect is very important because with a correct use of your project’s order you can keep a good interesting rhythm made of a balanced “highs and lows” without falling too much on “lows”. It is like music, Jazz or Classical or Hip Hop in every type of music the rhythm is extremely important not to annoy people, not to be repetitive, not to be boring.

So now you have some suggestions to use (if you feel like) to make a cool good looking and professional portfolio, do not forget to make a good research before you finalize your work, too. It is important to see if what you are ready to realize is “trendy” or already old.

Good luck!

Photo via www.istockphoto.com

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