Interior Design: the bathroom

Here four pictures about latest new bathroom interior design productions :

Bathroom elements by Terri Pecora for Simas Bohémien
Sink by Naoto Fukusawa for BOFFI Terra
Mitigeur d’eau by JM Massaud for Axor Hansgrohe
Shower by Marcello Cutino/BCF Design for Gattoni

Photos and infos Via: www.abitare.corriere.it

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  • Scotland Interior Designers
    November 13, 2008 at 9:48 am

    Bathroom elements by Terri Pecora for Simas Bohémien is absolutely stunning. And genius, too if i might add.
    Everything in this post is stunning.
    I love bathroom and bedroom interior design I find it fascinating. Although, I find all types of design and art fascinating!

    Thank you for this wonderful post & pictures!


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