Microsoft new “Touch table technology”

Hi, today I would like to tell you about the new “Touch Table technology” developed by Microsoft. In this video from YouTube (but there are many more) we can appreciate all new series of opportunities to interact with computer thechnology, to me this way opens a big door on real “friendly use” manners and methods. The computer technology becomes very easy to use with a “magic effect” always very appreciated.
However; how can designer world exploit this technology? In a few words I would like to understand how I could use this new feature to improuve my life at work; or lets think about students, schools, art colleges, universities, how can they take advantage of this Microsoft new technology?
Thinking about this issue I started to associate the use of “touch table” to present a design project in an interactive way without dealing with paper pages from a portfolio that can fall down creating confusion, but dealing with menus of preordered sequences having the opportunity to enlarge, and a second later, reduce the same image or drawing. I could “touch” the table on a photo and start a video that shows my model or virtual film in action , I move it on the upper right corner and from the left side I get the image of a technical drawing and make a close up on a particular detail at so on…I could add a musical background or improvise a sketch to take important notes on given comments by my clients. You see? I am dreaming already..
I believe that this new technology will rapidly change our realtionship with techworld because it is so friendly and of strong impact that (like the IPhone by Apple) its use will be wellcome.
What do you think about this subject? Do you have an experience to tell us?
Please do so and thanks!

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