Bic’s art by Juan Francisco Casas, Spain

Juan Francisco Casas is a spanish artist aged 31 that makes Art using a bleu Bic pen.
The interesting thing is that Juan Francisco does it in a very large scale, his pannels are 2 X 3 meters and his precision is very tight. The illustrations look like photographs in bleu tone.

Currently Juan Francisco is a student at Reale Spagnola Accademy and on an exchange program based in Rome, Italy.
At the Fernando Pradilla Gallery in Madrid you can admire the ” Grandes Obras” (big masterpieces) of Juan Francisco all done with his personal bleu Bic pen technique (which I studied in Art Center a long ago…).

Photo Via: www.corriere.it and www.astrolabio2006.it

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  • pablo
    January 23, 2008 at 12:56 pm

    maybe there’s something more exciting
    than tracing photos with a bic
    but you may never know

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