Sketching skills and computer help.

It is a while I want to write few words about this issues: sketching skills Vs Paint/Photoshop type softwares.

Why? The reason is very simple, in the last 4 years of design school visits and internet portfolio research I have seen a lot of students work done with the use of a “paint software” and did not find quality and high drawing skills .

This is a problem! Students and design schools I am talking to you…method and discipline are very important in order to put the basics for skill’s developpement.
When I see a “photoshop sketch” with flash and lights and no good drawing basics I get sad. To me it is like a missed opportunity.

I ask you (students) , what is all this crap? Do you think you have a great portfolio simply because it is done with a beautiful graphic packaging? Do you think this is what we (the industry) really care about? Sorry , we would like to see your sketch-books made of pencils or ballpoint pen, evaluate your real abilities and drawing skills, judge your creativity which comes out “only” if you know how to draw.
A portfolio is credible only if it shows: creativity, drawing skills, professionalism + your verbal presentation.
It is not a case if I have been publishing lately some posts about sketches art works , before talking about this argument I wanted to give you some examples (even those done with Photoshop), good ones to follow.
In conclusion I hope that you will follow my suggestion: draw draw draw, do not get tired to excersise and when you feel ready go for next step which will be using your computer and favourites softwares for drawing.
Good luck!
Photo Via:customxp

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