Education first! Art Center controversy part 2

Hi friends,

several times I have written about Design schools and how to choose for a good one. Many times I wrote about Art Center in Pasadena – California as one of the best Design school on earth.

Actually there is a controversy going on at this school and it looks like a lot of people are mad about latest management strategy. In a few words , really few people understand and support the strategy applied to school’s future vision.

Another element that is creating friction between the school management and students / alumni is Nathan Young’s resignation (ex N°2 in school).

At the end the debate is : better big business or first education?

I met Nathan Young about 20 years ago and since then we had the chance to meet sometime and talk about Design, Education and naturally Art Center.
I know this guy well enough to say that he is probably the best and only resource today for such important school in order to get it back on track and produce again quality work and quality young designers.

Education first! Yes, it is all about good education at a competitive tuition fee. It is about spending the money on strategic projects with the right people on the boat like Nathan. It is about raising money to lower tution especially for those students that do not have a lot of money but that deserve a chance to make it.

Now I do not know if the resignation has been already accepted, I only hope that there will be a way to reconsider all this with a happy end in the main interest of students’ education and school image.

This is my hope as Art Center Alumni!

If you want to sign the on-line petition click here: http://www.thepetitionsite.com/1/educationfirst

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