It is official: Art Center Pasadena looking for a new president.

This blog followed with a lot of interest the Art Center controversy and today is ready to give you the good news: the school is looking for a new president!
The Board of Trustees of Art Center represented by John Puerner made an official statement announcing future programs for the school including the search for a new president.
Here a part of it:
Statement from John Puerner
June 24, 2008
On behalf of the College’s Board of Trustees, I want to bring you up to date on some important matters at Art Center. Over the last few weeks, the Board received considerable input in the form of letters, petitions and emails voicing concern and comment on various subjects. First and foremost, the Board and administration remain firmly committed to continuing the high quality of education that Art Center is known for worldwide. It has always been our most important priority. As trustees, our primary responsibilities are to provide governance and oversight as we work closely with the administration in charting a course for the future. A key role of governance is to provide for the proper leadership and organizational structure to best lead the College. Over the last nine years, Richard Koshalek has exhibited dynamic and original leadership of Art Center, and we look forward to and support his continuing leadership. His efforts have been of great value to the College, the communities it serves, and we are very thankful for his contributions, which include the following: * Increasing the College’s scholarship endowment from $16 million in 1999 to $43 million, resulting in $7 million in scholarships in 2008; * Opening South Campus as the home of Public Programs and Graduate Education, with recognition as the first LEED-certified green building in the City of Pasadena; * Expanding Graduate Education with new advances in technology for Graduate Media Design studios at South Campus; * Launching the Art Center Design Conferences and Designmatters, positioning Art Center as an advocate for the importance of design and the value of creative contributions to various fields. Importantly, leadership must continue to evolve to meet future challenges. Therefore, the Board has decided to start the search for a new president…
To this statement follows another from Richard Koshalek, too.

Source: Art Center Forum

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