To get a job start from a good CV

Hi friends, today I would like to write a small note about C.V. and its organization. Recently I have received some CVs via mail at work and I could not resist to their poor quality. So I decided to write few things in order to explaine the importance of a CV.
First of all the CV is a part of you going outside of your room, home, office…so it is very important to do it well respecting few simple rules.
1. Use a simple editorial design , in other words make it look simple
2. Do not use your photo, if you are looking for a designer job position you do not need to send us a photo because we are not a model agency and those photos never look good anyway.
3. Organize well the type of infos and their order like: personal, education, work experience, awards, particular skills list, annexes (certificates, toeic test …)
4. Look at the dates putting always “from – to”
5. Check out spelling and grammar mistakes (always!)Now if you follow these simple rules you should have done correctly already 80% of the job.
Remember that when we receive your CV we want to know: who you are, your age, your most recent school and type of diploma, how many laguages you speak, stage internships done, know if you use computer and digital materials other then just sketching and illustrations.
That is it! Alé go to work now…

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