Lissone Design Award 2008 “Lighting Design”


The proposed theme requires that participants design new product concepts for lighting design and / or lighting equipment, with reference to the field of innovative lighting technologies and its multiple applications in interiors and exterior design.


Nurture and support young creative minds in the world of Design
Offer manufacturers new product concepts and new market development opportunities
Establish Lissone as an international “center of gravity” at the forefront for creativity and professionalism in the design sector
Promote Lissone as an international centre of research, experimentation and prototyping of products related to the world of Design .

How and Where:

The required design projects must be submitted in person, by post, or by courier not later than 20th December 2008 at 11.00 am (ROME TIME), to the following address:

Comune di Lissone Ufficio Protocollo / Segreteria Via Antonio Gramsci, 21 20035 Lissone (Milano)
Info: [email protected]


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