Master in Transportation Design at IAAD Turin, Italy

The Master program in Transportation Design for 2009/2010 will start in April at the Istituto d’Arte Applicata e Design in Turin Italy.

Calendar infos:
April 16th 2009 to July 30th 2010
Lessons: 1000 hours, 100 hours with special guest speakers,640 hours of individual activities, 400 hours internships at partners companies.

Coordinating team:
Strategic Coordinator: Luciano Bove
Internal coordinator: Fabio Miniati
Teacher’s team: Daniele Calonaci, Edwin Osorio, Francesco Blancato, Fabio Miniati, Luciano Speranza, Simona Zara, Andrea Cartella, Duilio Romano

For infos contact:
c.so re umberto 5 – TO
tel/fax +

Info via: IAAD Turin

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