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Marker sketch tutorial by Spencer Nugent

Hi friends, we always talk about car sketching and tutorials and it is normal because it is our main topic. However today I’ll show you a very sane marker sketch tutorial realized by Spencer Nugent. The luggage color marker sketch. Spencer , on his site, makes severa lwell organized tutorials for ID designers. I have chosen “the luggage marker sketch” because you can see all the steps without any problems of understandings, you will find an easy written description and also nice big color photos of the demo. So click Spencer Nugent and enjoy this tutorial!

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  • Eleonora
    August 26, 2009 at 11:51 am

    Grazie per l'informazione! E' davvero bello ed interessante questo sito per chi vuole approfondire la tecnica della colorazione a pantone!

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