Design Education

Car design rendering by Hussein Al Attar

Hussein Al Attar is a student of Transportation Design at Pforzheim University of Applied Science currently 5th term, a part of his portfolio and skills is visible at Cardesignnews web site at the portfolio session. Hussein has also a page on DeviantArt.
Hussein is a talented student his car sketches are really good, he prefers to use a monochromatic technique with hard and soft black pencil, no backgrounds just his cars drawing in very exciting perspectives.
The rendering here published is an example of how he can go from extreme simplicity to a very flashy digital rendering. The illustration is well done with good perspective and dramatic color choice, high contrast and good control of warm and cool color zone with precise focal point.

I invite you to check his on line portfolio at Cardesignnews to appreciate his skills has source of ispiration.

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