Alaska Motors Design competition the winners.

Launched back in December 2009, the Alaskan Motors Competition asked the Local Motors’ community to create a racing vehicle for theWrangell Mountain Extreme, a fictional race to be held in Alaska in 2013.
 Unlike the previous contests, this one was not constrained to real-production limits.

The first place was won by the B-Polar Concept by Anthony Colard.

The second prize was received by Pierre Gimbergues for his Banshee Concept, a snow racer conceived to face any kind of bad weather and difficult ground, thanks to its 4-jointed articulated, directional and suspended caterpillars.

The third winner is Armand Herve with the TW-Ice Concept, a two-seater vehicle powered by a BMW V12 bioethanol engine. The name refers to the idea of 2x (2 times).

News Via Carbodydesign.com et Local-Motor.com

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