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Design students and the crisis

Is the crisis damaging young design students?

Some time ago I read an article saying that the actual economic crisis was strongly damaging young design students prospectives to find a design job in the automotive industry. The crisis tauched the automobile more then another type of products and many jobs in this sectors payed a high price. GM is an example in US, but also in Europe and Asia other car companies had to lay off lots of workers trying to rebalance their economic accounts (preserve cash flow). This happened also in their Design departments using several types of formulas like pre-retirement plans etc. etc.
Design schools and Design students in car design are worried because several Design studios are not offering jobs or internships or they are hiring but for a very limited place numbers. So what to do? Is this negative? Should this declare the end of a passionate job opportunity?
I would like to see this situation on a different point of view and a positive one…continue reading here

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