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Getting a job in Design at the right age

Hi friends,

today I write about job search in design concentrating mainly about “ther right age to have”. Several weeks ago I received a couple of emails asking fo advice about which Design school to follow after a 5 years university diploma. Those cases are in general about young students that for a reason or another did not think or could not follow a Design school after college time. Instead they followed a University program and later decided that it was time to follow their talent and passion.

Believe me it is not easy for meto answear to those kind of emails because being honest in my answears I know I will probably bless some of them; however, because of the delicate situation, I think it is better to be direct without bs to say.
It is clear that the automotive design industry at high level (such as: Renault, Fiat, Opel, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW…) is going always to invest on a young (24/25 yrs) talented student that comes out of a recognized design school. It is also clear too that it is almost impossible for a student of 30/34 yrs of age to get a designer job unless his name is : Giotto or Leonardo Da Vinci!

The age is important !So my advice to all those indecided talented students that have a passion to follow in cardesign is: take the courage to stop university or change field. Best is to follow a professional design school recognized by the automotive industry environment such as: ACCD Pasadena, CCS Detroit, Strate College France, IAAD Italy, SPD Italy…and many others.
Do not waste your time because you need to get your diploma at least at 27yrs of age not later, do not forget also that to learn how to sketch is easier at a younger age and when we are young we have a more flrxible and genuine creativity, our brain performs a better creativity.

OK? Good luck!

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  • Anonymous
    January 31, 2010 at 8:08 am

    I totally disagree with your thought on age and creativity, when we are young we may be more creative but most of them will be never possible concepts but at much mature age knowledge can enlighten the path of creativity into much more feasible thing without thinking hundreds of concepts, and people like Leonardo are combination of impeccable imagination and craftsmanship, you can have both but first one is prerequisite which is natural and second one can be achieve through mere practice or hire people for the same, summing up how old is the brain is not important how capable is the brain it is that important.

  • Anonymous
    February 1, 2010 at 9:16 pm

    ( from a renault designer)

    OK, the earlyer the better but I think a simple answer to that question would have been as follows:

    – If you follow your passion, relentlessly, and push it to the limit, you will get a job in car design! I mean if you work and work and work and work work work work work workwork work workwork work workwork work workwork work workwork work work on your skills, and perfect them, no matter the age you'll reach your goal- if you NEVER give up!… Ok I am not talking about 45yold… That's my thaught 🙂

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