Domus Academy competition: Design a car unlike a car

A beautiful car by itself is powerless. Its’ value and significance comes from intelligent scenarios and context of use which builds the balance between materials and technology that leads into innovative and successful solutions.

The main philosophy of Master in Car Design in Domus Academy is not only based on beauty and restyling, but on interdisciplinary topics that surround car design 360 degrees: exterior, interior, brand values, car vision & clay modeling techniques, design language on brand accessories, sales & after sales factors.

The aim of focusing on these topics is awakening the consciousness of the masters candidates about the collateral factors that directly shape & define the real necessities of the consumers and their expectations from the car industry via the designers.
The competition is open to any designer (professional or student) who is interested to gain a new vision & set mind in the Car Design field through DA Master in Car Design Program for challenging the future automobile trends.

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