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Car sketch tutorial by Michal Uhrin

Dear friends
today, thanks to my friend Michal Uhrin, I will show you a real good tutorial to learn how to sketch and color a car. This tutorial is extremely well done by Michal who is finishing his Transportation Design Course at AFAD University of Art & Design in Bratislava SK. I had the pleasure to meet Michal the first time during a car design project sponsorized by the company I work for. I was managing the project and came across Michal who, at the time, was at his first year in school. When I saw his drawings I asked the school to give him permission to participate to the project. At the end of the experience Michal got an internship with us during which he learned a lot and today he is ready for a new one just before getting his final diploma in Transportation Design.
The demo is organized in 3 steps and continue reading to see all images of this tutorial.

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