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How to present our projects.

Dear friends,

It might sound stupid to you to talk about “how to present your project”. Everyone for months works on projects from A to Z, for weeks we make ideation sketching – concept choice – color sketches – explanation drawings – final renderings – models. Why should we talk about “hot to present all this”? Simply because too many times I participate to presentations during which the oral part is poor, in other words students don not pay too much attention to their oral preparation when presenting their projects.
When we start to talk in front of a board of people we have to catch their attention using our words and body language, this part will make a lot easier to the audience to understand our drawings and exposed painted model.
Now I am not telling you to become a sort of showbiz people! No David Letterman or Jay Leno. Not at all. What we are looking for here is a good balance and coherence between your project (drawings, renderings and model), and what you tell to present it!
You cannot explain how your car opens if you “do not have” an explicative drawing of the opening system with arrows and written notes. At the same time you cannot forget explaining how your car opens if you “do have” the full explanation drawing!

The introduction
What I am asking you to do is a simple exercise: use your drawings and stick to them a well-written sentence, words + drawings + model! If we are talking…to continue reading click here thanks.

Image: Walter De Silva assisting SPD (Milan, Italy) students Audi Project final presentation.

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  • Faith | Greeting Card Printing
    April 16, 2010 at 4:46 am

    This is a great reminder to presentors especially to students and employees who often do presentations to the board/professor. You've pointed out the very important things that needs to improve.Thanks for sharing this.

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