Umea Institute of Design, Chris Bangle guest speaker

The theme for this year’s UID Design Talks is change. Change is essential and vital in everything we do. To succeed in changing something, for instance oneself, the world, our way of thinking or a situation, first we need a vision.

Here at UID the students have visions for the future travelling, for changing the way you listen to music, for new ways of communicating over the Internet, for cars competing with transatlantic flights, for different ways of playing games, for compelling ways to get people to think about the environment and for new devices to detect breast cancer, to mention a few.

What about your vision? Do you want to take part in the change?

We invite you to participate, to meet and listen to a memorable keynote speech from designer Chris Bangle and to follow passionate presentations from our graduating students. During two days you will be able to see innovating designs and hopefully share with us your own view on change. Welcome!

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