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The emotional Car Design

Dear friends,
when we listen to talk about car design often we hear words like “cool, love it, hate it, beautiful car, sexy, muscle car, strong carachter, dall, sad, happy, elegant, show off….” at so on. What is all this about? About what are we really talking? It is clear to me that to describe the Design of a car is something that has to go through our emotional inner part. Yes we talk about emotions!
If we read about client first choice to buy a car (statistics) we find that very often #1 choice is Design, exterior Design and after Interior Design, after real dimensions functions engine performance consumption…etc. etc. Good Design sells and for a small city car as well as a sporty coup√© Design is equally (almost) emotional. Car design is an emotional affair for…to continue click : Emotional Car Design

Image: Bertone Lancia Stratos

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