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How to work with Alias in Car Design

Dear friends,

today we will talk about digital virtual modeling in car design. To be more precise we will focus on why it is important for a designer to manage digital modeling and how a designer should do it.
In a few words what type of attitude we should have (as designers) in front of an Alias workstation (computer) or a Rhino 3D one. There are many other softwares, but to explane myself I just named some of the most popular in the business today.

First of all why do we have to learn about digital modeling?
The answear is simple, since few years ( at least 10) the car design business and the automotive business understood that with the help of some softwares they could reduce drasticly their time process from idea to production. This is possible thanks to those softwares that give us the opportunity to model in virtual 3D the model we used to do in 1:1 scale in a longer time.
Today we can transfer a 2D car sketch into an Alias Autodesk program and…keep on reading clicking: How to work with Alias!

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