CarDesignNews and Opel/Vauxhall new Design contest


Opel/Vauxhall today asks students: “What do you think is our lounge style?” as part of a new, interactive design competition being launched with Car Design News.

The competition is for students studying at design schools (of any discipline) in Europe, and will be in two stages: Stage 1 is the interior, and then Stage 2 the exterior. It culminates in a display of the work of the finalists and announcement of the two winners at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2011.
Stage 1: The brief — a lounge in motion

Student designers in Europe are being asked to create a car interior that is also a lounge, in other words, a lounge in motion. The car interior should fit the Opel/Vauxhall brand and accentuate both the emotional and rational aspect of the brand and its design language, sculptural artisty meets German precision.
Opel/Vauxhall considers a lounge to be:

…continue reading all infos clicking: CarDesignNews contest info

Source Cardesignnews

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