Alfa 33 digital paint is on Emotion-art

This fanthastic digital paint of an Alfa 33  is on Emotion-art  a blog dedicated to digital art paint about  historical cars most  of which  come from very known Schlumpf Museum in France.

The work is opera of Maxime Pinol a professional french car designer whom has been ispired after a visit to the Schlumpf Museum.
Maxime, driven by his passion, strated his own blog in 2009 painting digitally and publishing his works, today I wanted to write about his excellent initiative because it can be of help to all students facing up car design illustrations and renderings.
What is so good about Maxime’s works? Here some key elements:
– composition on page
– dynamic perspective
– dramatic color contrast
– absence of exaggeration on details
– good focal point
– good balanced background
– excellent high lights
– last (the best for me) a sort of free loose style that gives a lot of freshness to the all painting

So go visit Emotion-art  and discover the rest!

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  • Vehicle Signage
    May 26, 2011 at 12:10 am

    I like the design and its colour, im collecting pictures of modified cars and will include this one.

    Kenny Scott

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