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Audi A2 Concept exterior sketches by Audi Design team

The Audi A2 Concept sketches (Concept ready for Frankfurt) show good design and very good skills in sketching a car from basic proportions to details.

The light sections on the hood (center line) and on doors (side sections) help to understand the 3D development of this Concept, the body is fairly simple with cut by strong graphic fascias on the side to hide door handles and give a sense of continuity and fluidity to its design, the down part is a protective zone which graphicly makes the overall car very stable and well seated on the ground.

These elements are key factors to obtain a good proportioned car body and adding the light sections on body makes the sketch very believable. All details like front grille, logo and lights graphics plus the alluminum alloy wheel design give that artistic touch to the illustration and credibility at the same time. Last but not the least is the choice of bakground dividing the page in two parts with a black upper area and a medium dark lower area…this type of background is very appropiate for white color sketches enhancing the car and its dynamic design. In other words a real positive support to the car illustration.

I hope that all of you can try to copy this style to exercise your skills and learn a new way to render and represent your projects.

For all sketches interior and exterior click: Audi A2 Concept sketches

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