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Inkling by Wacom a great drawing tool for us!

 Wacom just came out with its new technological drawing tool called Inkling.
Inkling is a new system to interact with a computer to use your sketches for anytype of use, it is a drawing device made of a digital pen with which yiu really sketch on paper and another element with wich you can transfer your drawing on your computer for further use (modifie your drawing , change colors, give effects and send it or whatever…)

To me Inkling can become the very first technological tool for all young design students, the reason is simple: Inkling makes you draw for real on paper!

In other words we often say that everybody runs on computer to use sophisticated softwares for special drawing and illustration effects…forgetting to take the time to learn how to draw correctly on paper. Now, thanks to this new system by Wacom, you will start drawing on paper before going to rework your drawing on your computer .

Lets monitor how Inkling will be appreciated…I believe very well!

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