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Jobs in car design are difficult to find, some considerations before starting your career plan

Dear friends,

many of you are writing to me asking for info on master Programs in Transportation Design. Many of you come from car design schools and engineering universities, many asking about their age to make sure it (the age) does not become the negative element to stop them from finding a job in car design (risk to be too old).

I often wrote about the importance of your age in order to arrive to the car design job market at the right age to avoid spending money and time with the big risk of failing at the end because of your age. Car design job market has a very specific age window for this type of job, it is between 23 and 28 years of age.

However, another element is making me think about you is that everybody seems to be worried about the age and not about their real “talent” to be a car designer.

It is good to have a strong will to finish engineering and then follow a master program in car design to finally make real a dream since you were a kid, however it is more important before doing so to make sure that you do have the talent to do so…to make such a choice which has a cost and some risks.

Now I want to remember you what my teacher told all of us at school on the very first day: “Remember that many of you will not find a job as car designer because there aren’t many out there, competition is high and places to work very few”. Since that day I understood that to become a car designer was going to be extremely hard and competitive!

This was in 1986 and today, after 25 years, situation is not changed much. It is true we have more design studios around the world but we also have many more design schools around as well…the effect is basically the same thing as 25 years ago.

What does this mean? It means that what it counts to get a job in car design is your talent and your determination to make it! Simple as that, you can have all the Masters from best schools around and be an excellent creative engineer…and you will not make it into car design cause your talent is not as extra as the young student of a normal design school working hard every day to make it for 4 long years.

So before choosing to follow a Master Program in Transportation Design please check with an expert, show your sketches, show what you do by yourself, get a feedback to be more confident about your career plans in car design.

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  • Carlos Pinello
    October 26, 2011 at 7:09 pm

    I found your article very interesting and very realistic. The truth is that as part of the Talent Acquisition Team at Ford I am having problems finding enough Vehicle Styling Designers. So, If you know someone with 4 or more years of experience working in studio, please tell him/her to send me an e-mail to [email protected]
    Thank you very much, and again, congrats on the article.
    Carlos Pinello.

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