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Freelancing Vs fixed job, felixible jobs or rigid rules?

The world economic crisis, since few years and for fews more to come, is affecting negatively the job market worldwide including design jobs opportunities.
In USA, at the end of 2011, things are starting to improve getting better and this is a good news, however in Europe specially in countries like Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece and France to find a secure job or a job is becoming extremely hard and very difficult for some niche markets like Transportation Design and the main problem (but not the only one) is due to the old marker rules not flexible at all.
European Community is asking for new job rules to help flexibility (the opportunity to make it easier for companies to fire an employee, but also for people to change companies and job experiences) in order to open job opportunities thanks also to a faster rechange of places. In a few words the EU is asking to be similar to USA job market system instead of preserving for life the fixed job place (people that are super protected on their job place to the point they can live all their professional life in one company, in some cases even when they should be really fired a “work judge” orders the company to reintegrate the worker!).
Recently, in Italy but also in other latin european countries, I read  articles telling about freelancing and other flexible systems to work without being fixed in one company. Many people are very skepticals and for several reasons: in Italy it is the culture of the older managers that control and want to control young professionals so it is difficult for a prepared young professional to have a normal career development…much better go to work to a foreign company (just as I did 12 years ago). The society has an old mentality and if you propose yourself as a freelancer it will be very difficult to start working right away because of a closed system that favors the same few people friends of the firends of the main companies….so not easy. The politic systems in those countries are a good example of this old mentality!
The result is to be skeptics and against new flexible rules in terms of job and work!
 The economic crisis is finally giving an opportunity to older and more traditional cultures to change for the better creating more opportunities for everybody specially for younger people and the freelancing will finally have its right chance to proof its advantages.
To be free to work earning money is good if well done with responsability and professionalism, to work in a company and leave it after 5 of 10 years of experience is a good thing because it helps to move on with our career development and also makes us earn more money when we change, without talking about the human experience we can gain.
The problem is that if we have only a rigid working system of rules people will not enter in a new way of thinking about job opportunities, today this system is blocking development it is time to change it and give a real dynamism to job market.

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  • U. Len Mckenzie
    February 19, 2012 at 9:06 pm

    As a mature member of the workforce, I have experienced both the relative security of a position within a large multinational corporation, and the more lucrative, but much less secure life of an independent consultant. I truly feel that to be competetive, a company must treat their personnel as a raw material that is valued based on its contribution to their overall sucess. The result, at least in a perfect world is that over time we suceed or fail based on our individual contribution to the sucess of the team. Unfortunately reality imposes constraints and prejudices that make sucess much more difficult to achieve.

    Whether you choose to pursue a corporate career, or the life of a consultant, your success will depend to a large extent on your ability to play well with others and the magnitude of your percieved contribution.

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