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Car Design Back to school…

 Dear friends,

Summer vacation is almost over. Yes in this photo of myself I am still on my relax, but it is going to last only for few more days….

For many of you September is the first START at a Car Design school in USA or Europe like Germany, Italy or France, or China and Japan. Anyway many of you will start very soon the first day of design school to try to become a designer or a car designer.

I would like to remind you how important will be that first very day for your life future…remember that if you will start design school with the right attitude and sense of responsability you will endourse the role of someone engaged for his/her life future success! Do not go to school simply because it is cool to be a designer, go to your school to become a designer with the big D, to be a Designer has to mean a lot to you for what you can do for society and people thanks to your talent and sacrifices done in school.

It will not be easy at all, but it will be very exciting and could be very rewarding….

I wish to all of you the best!


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