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Car sketch tutorial

Dear friends,

here a new quick simple tutorial to follow (if you want..). This car sketch tutorial is about a full front car view using a slight tilted plane to give a more vibrant feel to it. It is done in 3 main steps and here they are:

Step 1

It is about main simple solid outline for perspective, proportions and composition on page.

Step 2

It is about a more defined outline, we start giving a bit of creative touch to our solid shape to make it look like a car, we add some important details and control symmetry even if it is not going to be precise. Shadow and tires details are important to show were the light is coming from and to give depth.

Step 3

It is the most important step because we complete the car sketch with more details more volume design and some shading to give the roundness feeling to it.

This is not a design proposal but just a simple perspective tutorial using a Bic pen and cross hatching technique to get the shading and depth effect, 15 minutes time tutorial.

thank you!

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