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Car sketch tutorial in 3 steps

Dear friends,

here another simple light sketch tutorial in 3 steps:

Step 1
We start thinking about the proportion of our car sketch and its composition on page, this time we draw our side view of a sporty car on a slight tilted plane to give a dynamic effect to our composition. So the rear is a little higher of our front , then we set up proportions by using our wheel as dimension tool: wheelbase done with 3 wheels in between front and rear wheels, the hight is almost 2 wheels in vertical.

Outline quality

Step 2
Now that we have our composition and our main car shape we start caring about line quality, adding some details like the shadow on the ground, door details and side air intake, some reflection lines on side glass and door cut lines to perceive body side sections.

The last step is dedicated mainly to detailing, shading, and some background indication (here with some fluid lines), rear wheel design..
The shadow on the ground is completed and some lines added following the 1p perspective to give energy to the composition.

I hope you like it!

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