Imre Molnar dies, the loss of a friend…


Dear friends,

today I would like to write about a good friend that just died few days ago in California while riding his bicycle.
Today I’ll write about Imre Molnar designer, design educator, Dean at CCS the College of Creative Studies in Detroit, most of all a good man happily married and a father.

I had the pleasure to meet Imre first time when I started to teach in Art Center Europe back in 1991, he was teaching there, too. Later he became the Art Center Europe education Director, when ACE closed down in 1994 he moved to Detroit entering in CCS and becoming after few years the College Dean:

As the College’s chief academic officer, Molnar oversees faculty, curriculums, academic advising, and academic resources such as the library and Center Galleries. He also leads the development of new degree and educational programs. (CCS source)

Every time I was in ACE we would go eat together or meet in the evening before class (usually friday evening), we were 2 coming from Torino Greg Brew ( today ID Director at Polaris) and myself  both good friends with Imre Molnar. I remember the strong vitality and energy in Imre’s eyes, a man full of passion and sporty hobbies, a design lover and a design philosopher. Loved by his students and school community.

Even if he moved to US and I moved to France (Renault) we kept alive our friendship and few times we met, too. Last time it was at my house in France for a real nice dinner spent together with our wifes remembering old times and talking about future life programs.
Facebook helped recently to keep the contact even closer almost as a regular firends relationship.

Most of all I remember his humanity and sense of honesty, his wisdom and his example…I’ll miss him! I’ll miss this little big man  born in Hungary and raised in Australia.

To you my friend,


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