Sergio Concept by Pininfarina the official rendering

Dear friends,

Geneva Auto Show is ready and this morning the first official rendering of Sergio Concept car by Pininfarina appeared on the web.
Fabio Filippini, VP Corporate Design at Pininfarina, published it on his Facebook page, it is useless to say that it is going to be a real beautiful concept car as this rendering shows.
I think that what is new at Pininfarina this year is the design approach, looking at the car illustration we find a very good balance between soft volumes and bone lines (like on the side section and on the froont hood), the graphic bicolor choice is excellent for breaking the masse and giving a “forward” feeling to the car with a very dynamic effect, I am sure that all details are very well designed too.

In conclusion this rendering gives us a strong will to see and discover the real concept in Geneva!

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