Interior car sketch by Simon Defoort

Dear friends,

today we talk a little about Interior car Design. Interior design for cars is a mix of car design and industrial design, it is more complicated and difficult than exterior design and it requires a lot of talent and care for details such as cutlines and relations between all different parts and materials.

Interior design is also a full concept to me because it is about dashboard, center console, door pannels, and all trims around the interior. It is also about technology (instruments and commands) and Color & Trim such as colors, material finish, textures, different type of material combinations.

Here a presentation work by Simon Defoort seen on Coroflot, I publish it because it is a good example about how we can prepare a really professional presentation Interior rendering board, we have his main concept very well rendered plus some detailed sketches as concept support. Everything completed by a cool graphics and color choice.

Simon is a designer that studied at ISD in France, to see more click: Simon’s portfolio

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