Uwe Bahnsen died yesterday 30th of July 2013

Dear friends,

it is with sadness that I got the bad news about Uwe Bahnsen’s death occurred yesterday 30th of July 2013.
I met Uwe Bahnsen at Art Center Europe in Vevey during my first visit in 1990 as a young professional designer, and it was thanks to him that I started to teach for the first time sketchng classes at Art Center Europe discovering this unknown passion about giving to students what I have learned at school in Pasadena. It started in 1991 in Vevey!

I remember his precious advices to teach better and to cope better with my students, I remember also his invitations at school official meeting great opportunity to meet new people from other car companies, I remember how much he supported me and encouraged me during my adventure about teaching.

Most of all I remember him as a man of real class a man of elegance and great education, someone from whom we can only learn how to be better for us and others.

Uwe that you may rest in peace…you deserve it!

Thank you again…

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