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Digital Illustration is becoming a real obsession for almost all of you and I can understand it. Everyone of us would be very happy to make one like this Fighter done by Paperblue and published on

The thing that I have hard time to understand is: why do you try to do such difficult illustration using your pc or tablette before you learn how to sketch, color theory and rendering techniques?

Often I receive minibooks of students asking me for a feedback and very often I find many digital illustration samples which do not have the right quality and most of all they are lacking in drawing and composition basic rules. This is a sign of wasting our time before using our time to learn first how to draw and how we organize a subject that later on we will render to make an amazing work of it!

So advice to all of you: be a master with your hands, pencils, colors, papers and only after try to learn how to render such master piece. A great rendering is made of:

-composition layout
-color choice
-media techniques
-focal point

Learn how to do this with your pencils canvas and guache or oil colors, use brushes. It is only after this step that you have all the rights to try on you PC or tablette with a nice digital software.


More digital illustrations here click: digital world!

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