Luciano Bove Twizy project presentation at Green cars Forum 2013 – video


Here the video of my presentation at the Green Cars Forum 2013, thanks to Studio Comelli Milano for the invitation.

I know that it is only in Italian language and many of you will have hard time to understand, for this reason here I’ll write a sort of summary in English language.

How is taken the decision to put in oproduction a fully electric car that looks like a cross over between a byke and a city car?
Before telling about this decision story I would like to go back in history untill the Big Depression in USA 1929-41 to understand better the social context in which some important decisions and innovations are made.

It is during heavy financial crisis that innovation gets a boost and like in the 30s and in the 70s crisis today’s one forced people to look for new ways to produce jobs and new technologies.

Twizy project comes during a difficult social economical period to create the first electric cars range made by an european car company Renault.

The Twizy has been developed by the R&D design team at its early stage with Patrick Lecharpy as VP Design and Luciano Bove as Design manager, a team made of Design, Product planning and engineers. Main designers Francoise Leboinne (exterior and some interior) Eduardo Lana (interior and final design support).
1 year to make few prototypes with the final Design in order to take the final decision for a solid innovative project.

The Renault Sport design team managed by Eric Diemert as Design director worked on that Twizy project to bring it to production , Massimo Barbieri as Design project manager.

However to design a very rational responsible electric car is not a boring task, on the contrary it has been very exciting and another example of it is the Twizy Formula 1 model recently realized!

Thank you!

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