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Searching for Design job? Don’t act like an idiot!

Yes you got it right: an idiot!

Searching for jobs is a very difficult task especially nowadays. To make an outstanding portfolio is not enough because you have to present it and prepare few more documents very well designed in terms of content and graphics: your CV! You have to learn how to present yourself and how to give value to what you your projects mean.
In order to have the opportunity to present yourself to someone you need contacts, you need to build your network of contacts.
Today it is easier to build your contacts thanks to social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Naymz, but also via your design school placement office or some car design websites like:,

Build your contacts.

How do I build my contacts list? Contacting people I would say and, as we said before, today it is easier. However be careful how you approach people because there is a potential danger that can ruin your reputation.
How do I do?
Rule N°1: do not act like an idiot!
Rule N°2: be respectful and polite in your approach
Rule N°3: make sure you have a real good portfolio (talent and skills)
Many times I am contacted via email or Facebook page to look at portfolios + CVs and give feedback. Sometimes also to considering offering an Internship opportunity within the company I work for as Car Design manager.
Well would you like to know how many times I reject your contacts? Several times and the main reason is:
Hi bro!…. or….come on give me your feedback….you are the only person can save me please help me to find money to go to school….could you please tell me how much the school cost?….where can I buy Clay?…Etc..Etc… (Some of phrases read on my FB chat)
The problem is: you cannot address to me as if I am your brother and talking to me with a slang I hardly remember, you cannot ask me to raise money for you….you cannot be so aggressive…you should not ask for infos that you can easily find on internet. All this shows me you are acting like an idiot or a spoiled kid. This is a big problem for you!

Be professional

Yes I am always curious about new talents and I am ready to help you in finding a job opportunity; however, I expect from you a responsible and professional behavior. I expect respect and humility, I expect great talent and skills, I am going to use my time for you only if you will deserve it, Show me you are not an idiot!
Be serious about yourself and your work this is the first good message you can give to someone that does not know you.
In other words do not burn your chance at you first try!

Conclusion: be aware.

The first impression you make is going to be the most important one, so if you take your chance in a too loose way thinking that today we are in a very modern society and that afterall you are just being yourself…well if you think that this is normal I’ll tell you NO! It is non normal because believe it or not in our society we still have some roles to play and some forms to respect.
You are probably 25 years old and I passed already my 50s…even if I might look and act very nice to all it does not mean I am not looking and evaluating some speciphic caracteristics of your behaviour, carachte,r mentality, education (and this before looking at your book).
Do not forget that if someone is going to hire you this means you will be integrated into a designers’s team which means working with other people. How are you going to behave with them? How the studio will react to you?
In a few words: How the hell am I going to engage about your hiring if you do not meet some obvious behaviour requirements?
This is the main reason for which be very careful about how you address to me or other designers collegues to ask for help or interviews.Got the point?
Luciano Bove

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