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Alfa Romeo sketch by Mike Kim

Dear friends,

I was looking for some cool Alfa Romeo design proposals and found Mike Kim’s blog with his proposals and nice sketches.

Is it easy to re-design an Alfa? My answer is not easy and the reason I chose to publish Mike’s design proposal is : I like it!

Great proportions, nice Alfa design attitude with an high rear end and a low and agressive front volume, the side view is very respectful of the latest Alfa design theme but it is done in a new way, a more contemporary interpretation with the high inclinated belt line and shoulder on a nice coke bottle side volume. The spheric volumes around wheels show power. The front and rear graphic lights show a sporty elegance typical of Alfa design.

A real good proposal by Mike who also illustrated it very well with passion and taste. We have a simple design that is very well proportioned with the right modern touch and sporty attitude.

Great job!

Check his blog click: Mike Kim’s Blog

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