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Free hand drawing comes first!

Dear friends,

Today too many of you think that the best way to learn car sketching is to buy an excellent digital tablets with a cool drawing software like Photoshop.

You are wrong!

The best way to learn drawing cars or anything is to start from basics, so start searching for a normal graphite or black color pencil and a white paper.

Now exercise your arm and hand drawing straight lines and circles taking care of your line quality (not too hard not too soft)

Click here for more samples!

Exercise basic shapes drawings like a cube or a sphere; learn about light and shadow and chiaro/scuro (the shading)

Armand Cabrera lessons

 More samples click here!

Exercise your perspective and finally start a side view car sketch ultra-simple shape

Luciano Bove sketch

Now get that side view and transform it in a ¾ front or rear View

Luciano Bove sketch tutorial

Take that side view and make of it a tip-up top perspective

Luciano Bove sketch tutorial

Apply the same basic shapes light and shadow rules

Luciano Bove sketch tutorial

Now that you did all this…please do it for years before getting to yourself your latest computer device that should do anything for you!

Got the point?

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