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To become a designer is a mission!

Dear friends,
Yesterday on my Facebook page I
received a message from a young guy asking about how to do to become
a car designer. Now we can say this is a classic question I receive
since years I am online with this blog, however what turned me down
was the second part of his message something like…
I have heard that in design
school students do not have time for a real private life, is it true?
I have heard that designers also work until late at work is it true?
Because you know I want to be a car designer but I would also like to
get married one day and still have free time for myself and my future
What about the pay? Why work so hard
if a young designer at the end is not really well paid? Can you
explain please? Is there a way to make more money on royalties? For
example let’s suppose I am an important design director and my
project goes to production, will I earn more money for each sold car?
The message ended in the classical
way…thank you for your time I know I wrote a long message but it is
very important for me to know how it really is out there.”
This has been my answer:
Dear…..I think you better abandon the
idea of becoming a car designer it is not for you!
To become a designer is a bit like a
I remember when I graduated at Art
Center College of Design; during the graduation ceremony we had a
special guest speaker Mr. Nuccio Bertone in person! Yes a real legend
car designer whom talked to us about his adventure motivated by his
passion against all odds. All the difficulties he went through to
accomplish his dream: to design and built cars made to let others
Later on, during that ceremony, Ron
(former Chair Transportation Design Dept.) gave his final
speech to us and talked about how we should have considered ourselves
like “special people”!
A designer is someone that with
his passion, talent & creativity does something to help people to
live a better life.
Few years later, early 90’s, Chris
(former VP Design at BMW) was guest speaker at Art Center
Europe graduation ceremony in Vevey. I was there as teacher and Chris
talked to the students to share his vision about how the love for car
design generates great adrenaline and could create real masterpieces.
During his talk
he said something like: 
 “…everybody thinks good
designers have a big brain from which all cool ideas come out: wrong!
Designers have simply a big heart
yes a big heart, designers are giving people, yes for sure most of
them have also a strong ego, but they generate ideas from their
heart: the signal goes to their brain and ends up in their hands with
which they sketch and model something that will improve someone’s
life. It is like working to be good to people! This is going to be
your mission.”
Now a suggestion to all of you ready to
start a design school career or that would like to start one, please
STOP asking how much money I will make, do I have to work really
hard?…..or…..Sir I do not sketch but I love sports cars please
help me to become a car designer!…How can I do to be hired by a
sports car company?…
To become a designer is a question of
heart, passion, talent, wills, it is not a question of money or how
much of free time I can assure to my family or to myself!
Remember it is like a mission!


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