Mondial de l’Automobile 2014 photos by Daniele Madia – pure Design experience

Dear friends,

how many of you had the opportunity to go visit last Mondial de l’Automobile de Paris 2014? I know not many and even when we have that great chance to go we visit during public days which means lots of people and difficulty to see and admire our favorite cars.

It is not my case because we visit during Press days and we do have the chance to get in and out of those beautiful cars.

However I have a very good Italian friend who is a professional photographer and in love with car Design, he is also official photographer on F1 circuits. He is Daniele Madia.

Daniele made a series of incredible beautiful pictures about all cars present at the show and of course by his expert eyes it is very emotional to see what he saw!

So please go to his website and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!

Click: DaniPhotoDesign Paris Auto Show 2014 and enjoy the show 😉

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