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Great Car Sketch Books

Dear friends,some of you via Facebook or via email ask me what type of books or other references to buy in order to improve in drawing cars before getting to design school. It is quite a good question that deserves a good answer to make sure not to loose money but spend it well, objectif is get the right references to learn by yourself getting an advantage before starting your design school course.
So here some books I selected for you according to Sketching (how to start to sketch a car or a product), Rendering & Illustration techniques.

Car Design Sketching Tips by Luciano Bove this is my book made to give you a real reference guide step by step to learn sketching cars from basics of drawing to great perspective drawings.
49 pages illustrated by me easy to understand and follow to exercise at home. You should check it!

How to Draw Cars Now by Driven Mavens is the latest excellent DVD by this author, here with him you will see the great drawing and rendering techniques I love the most. True way to take your pencils and markers and chalks to make unbelievable car sketches and drawing, you will learn step by step how to do and thanks to the DVD format you can replay back to make sure you understood correctly how to do. This is a good one!

H-Point 1 and H-Point 2 is a great book to learn fundamentals of drawing cars, it is about proportions and packaging, line drawing quality, basic drawing exercises to be able to sketch first car shapes.
The book has been done by some Art Center College of Design school teachers and designer professionals like Geoff Wardle, Stuart Macey, Ralph Gilles, Freeman Thomas, Gordon Murray.
To me this book is a must to have!
Sketching The Basics is a book that explanes how to sketch properly products & cars, the book has been written by Roselien Steur and Koos Eissen (UMEA University Sweden and Delft University of Technology ).
This book is important because shows how to use perspective and drawing basic techniques to draw simple and complex shapes. In this book also first rules to use color like simple shadings and markers.

This book is a very popular one How to Draw Cars like a Pro written by Ian Callum and Ryan Borroff, Tony Lewin. In this book you will also find some fundamentals but rather about Design, nice photos of some celeb Concept Cars with their designers and design strategy philosophy about how to make a design project from sketches to concept prototype.

This book I Draw Cars Sketchbook ; Reference Guide is very important to check because it also has all sort of sketches to explane simple exercises to learn how to draw and sketch cars.
The author Matt Marrocco is a professional designer very famous on the net specially on Facebook look for him on FB, too!
Cosmic Motors by Daniel Simon is a must for all those that love rendering illustration digital art, Daniel Simon is the new Syd Mead.
This is the book in which you will discover the science fiction art & design world with lots of car designs, very exciting book super well done and a great guide for those addicted to digital art.

How to Draw & How to Render by Scot Robertson is a must to have to learn how to draw about anything following the right method.
Scot Robertson is a real master design educator very famous for his workshops, lectures and tutorial books.
I guess I wrote about some important books (and one DVD) to guide us in the learning process of sketching cars, it is important to buy some of those books specially for those that do not go to a design school.
For example all students of engineering universities dreaming to go for a Transportation Design Master after their University.
With the right book and a lot of exercise you can catch up and improve.

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